Jolie's Road to Rodanthe's Romper

Tempest Weaver



Muse:  My adorable baby girl Jolie x.

How cute is your little girl going to look in this!!  Jolie is french for pretty and this Romper is truely living up to its name.  The romper can be worn with nothing underneath to show your babies delicious rolls and squishalicious thighs; or if it's chilly team it with a soft boho blouse + leggings + boots, which = a very scrumptious little munchkin.  

A lot of time and effort has gone into these (trust me, I made them!)  and all the work has certainly paid off with a cotton crochet granny square front and doily bum.  With an adjustable strap length and elastic side you'll get 00-1 sizes wear out of this one pair.

I take pride in Tempest Weaver's bespoke bohemian aesthetic and practice quality and sustainability.  I can't always source organic fabric but I choose to use natural fabrics that have less of an impact on the environment as much as possible.





100% crochet cotton

100% unbleached linen

Granny Square Fronts and Doily Bums

Adjustable strap length

Elastic side waist. 

Button up crotch.

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