Zara Pinafore

Tempest Weaver



Muse:  My cheeky niece Zara x.

This dusty, mushroom pink sweet heart dress is hand dyed naturally with avocado skins, yes, you read that correct Avocado skins!  It comes up on this unbleached 100% cotton like a dusty pink dawn. What a conversation starter!  It's like the pink dress that girls that don't usually wear pink would wear.  Subtle. Give this darling dress the credit it deserves with a high sock and strappy shoe.  A soft cream and floral pink binding detail on the pinafore's 'Bib' and adjustable strap length you might get two seasons out of this one..

I've individually hand dyed and sewed all these babies myself with love and care!!

I take pride in Tempest Weaver's bespoke bohemian aesthetic and practice quality and sustainability.  I choose to use natural fabrics as much as possible.





100% unbleached, naturally plant dyed cotton (Avocado Skins)

Cross over strap with adjustable length button + hole

Gathered elastic waist

Binding contract detail on bib.

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